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White leather closed toe girls sandals weak ankles

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Brands Dawid

Product Code: Circle White

  • SKU: 14-784568
  • White girls sandals weak ankles preventive
    High top ankle pronation supportive sandals for a girl
    Good arch, heel supportive best quality sandals for a child. 
    White and silver smooth leather decorated with flowers.
    Velcro close.
    Top quality ortho sandals for a child.
    Style that should be worn by every child since they align kids feet to perfection.
    Ortho high tops for child that will restore their feet.
    European kids only wear such sandals and they never display any feet problems.
    They start with good shoes as babies and continue till teen years.
    Shoes are ultra important for kids as their posture, spine, knees and feet are affected
    If child wears none supportive shoes with no arches, no heel support, oversized width then
    She is guaranteed to end up with deformed feet, then entire posture shifts and pain in knees, ankles and back develops.
    No surgery exists to correct that problem.
    Person will walk around with pain their entire life.
    No surgery exists to correct that just orthodics as an adult to ease some pain.
    Feet can be shaped when child is growing and their body is changing.
    As an adult person will stay with feet as they developed when young.

    Good arch girls sandals

    White leather toddler sandals with arches


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