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Brand: Murek

Product Code: Laneka White

White leather high tops for new walkers

White high tops for new walkers
Soft leather used great arches and best ankle support.
White leather ankle high supportive high top walkers with best arches inside.
Soft white leather used with profiled soles.
None sweat soles inside so baby will never sweat in those excellent high top walkers.
Absolute best baby deer high top walkers with hard bottoms soles.
This type of shoe is the best for new walkers.
It will help a baby to learn how to stand and walk.
Human foot has nerve sensor in feet so baby once feel stable
Will feel secure to balance the body and take first steps.
Those high top walkers have high closed heel with reinforced heel.
Why? It is designer to help the baby feel secure and stable once walking.
High arch support is a must.
Shoes of that caliber made in Europe are the best.
They are a must for small walkers.
Those high top walkers are recommended by every pediatrician in Europe as new walkers.
Europe makes best orthopedic high top walkers for kids as they form their feet and posture.
Footwear for kids in Europe is regulated by Ministry of Health so quality high top walkers only locally made in Europe.
As a result Europeans have well formed feet and good posture.
Why, since we put only quality shoes on our children from the day they start to walk.
No orthodics, no AFO, no doctors appointments needed since quality walkers are the key here.
Shoes for children are considered developmental need, not a fashion statement.
Unfortunately USA imports low quality walkers for children from China and that is why local kids have so many orthopedic problems.
Quality and support in those walkers from China is none existent and they deform kids feet.
Thus invest in quality white high tops as those for your child.
Best investment in feet and posture as it can be.

Baby Deer new walking shoes for a toddler

Excellent arch and ankle support shoes for girls


Lindsey C  -  15/10/2020

Soft and well made with good arch support exactly what I have been looking for...by baby walks very well in them.

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