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Sporty European white leather boys shoe

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Product Code: Toyo White

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  • White leather gym shoes boys
    Foot turning inwards in kids best shoes.
    Corrective, yes they will help with pigeon toes
    Reinforced heel, orto arches, profiled soles, measured soles for boys.
    Manufactured to orthopedic standards set by European Union.
    Europe never produces none supportive shoes - factories are not allowed to do that.
    Shoes for kids are considered to be developmental need for a child so they have to be orthopedic.
    If they are not - they will be shut down by European Orthopedic Ministry of Health.
    They are guidelines set how shoes have to be made for each age group for kids.
    Smaller kids high tops with proper support, older kids proper ankle support
    As a result we Europeans do not have any feet problems since we wear only quality shoes as children then adults.
    We never buy shoes made in China since we know they are garbage for human feet.
    China has zero standards for leather production, shoe production and they have no clue what orthopedic shoe even is.
    So why buy junk that would destroy your kids feet in along run?
    Every brand sold in USA for kids is not supportive and not orthopedic.
    Sad part is that even pediatrician will not tell parent that because they rather sell you orthodics later or tell you that child will grow out of deformed feet.
    Well, here is the truth - it will never happen.
    Kids feet are formed and supported by shoes they wear and best quality shoes needs to be used at all times.

    Foot turning inwards in kids best shoes.

    Good orthopedic leather shoes for kids


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