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Brand: Dawid

Product Code: Furia White

White leather ankle shoes for girls ortho arch

White leather shoes for girls ortho arch
Good support, heel support and soft soles for walking.
White leather and decorated with colorful lines.
Great casual shoe to wear entire Spring or Summer for an older girl.
Arch build into sole like all the European made shoes
There is no flat none supportive shoes ever produced in Europe.
They are all orthopedic as shoes provide support and development for kids feet.
Thus they have to be the best quality for a child worn at all times.
We in Europe never buy cheap shoes for our children since cheap shoes deform kids feet and cause all the foot problems.
None orthopedic shoes are not even allowed for sale in Europe.
Children feet are growing and forming up to age 15 so good shoes a must at any age.
It is money well spent since once feet problems occur some improvement can be made but never fully restored to healthy position.

Good arch walking shoes for kids

Heel support shoes for stable walking


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