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Girls white orthopedic sandals with closed heel

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Manufacturer Dawid

Product Code: Basta White

  • SKU: 41745212
  • Tags:  closed heel sandals

    White ortho sandals for child
    Casual daily sandals for girls with good support.
    Flat foot ankle support, orthopedic best for summer wear.
    White leather decorated with flowers and pink rubber sole. 
    Ortho best sandal with all the markings of quality.
    Will support foot the the maximum
    Restore little feet if pronation, flat feet and collapsed ankles occur.
    Model that should be worn by every child.
    They provide fit quality and best support for child
    Best ortho sandals come only from Europe as they measured on average child's foot
    Manufactured locally in Europe according to European Pediatric guidelines.

    Flat foot ankle support, orthopedic best for summer wear

    Ankle supportive sandals for girls


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