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White ortho sport mary janes sneakers for girls

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Brands Melania

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  • SKU: 88-12456875
  • White ortho sneakers for girls
    Orthotic arch support shoes for kids.
    Italian girls casual shoes for running
    White summer shoes for girls for daily wear

    Manufactured in Italy by Melania brand.
    Made out of white leather and silver metallic accent.
    Quality sneakers with actual support.
    Wear them barefoot as they nicely padded.
    Quality shoes for your girl on sale.

    White summer shoes for girls for daily wear

    Italian girls casual shoes for running


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    Gluschenko FL 2014-04-05 11:37:29

    We have just ordered the third pair of these - over the months, sizes getting bigger and bigger. This is a very nice shoe, no frills, flowers or glitter, with NOT GOOD BUT GREAT support for the little one's feet. They hold up very well. They will work for any girl, which might come in handy for siblings. Thank you to Kinga Shoes for having them!!!! Love your shoes guys....

    P.J - Tarzana, CA 2013-02-20 15:45:45

    Sport, casual daily shoe. Although white it does not gets dirty that easily. Does not scuff either. I let my daughter wear them as a play shoe since it is sporty style and after 4 weeks of non-stop wear they look pretty good. She likes them they are comfy and well made with a great arch support. I had few Melania shoes for my child in a past they they were great shoes and durable.