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Brand: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Product Code: Kiss White

Support high tops shoes for a girl

Support boots for a girl.
Feet shaped shoes for kids with good heel support.
Pigeon toed toddlers with weak ankles and flat feet
White patent leather with a kiss.
Very neutral leather and matches anything.
Velcro closure
Great for daily wear since feet will never sweat due to special anti-sweat soles.
Orthopedic best boots with good arches.
Foot forming best sneakers for your baby girl.
Orthopedic best with proper arch support, ankle support and anti-sweat soles.
Could be worn with no socks entire summer and feet will never sweat in those sneakers.
European made in Spain and absolute best quality for a child.
Shoes are ultra important for kids feet as they form and shape kids feet and support whole posture.
Avoid cheap shoes from China as over time they will deform and destroy your kids feet.
China has no clue what quality is and what orthopedic shoe even is so how can they even make something of value to support kids feet.
Shoes made in China are not even allowed for sale in Europe since every parent and pediatrician knows they will cause pigeon toe and ankle pronation over time.
Don't fall for big names like Nike, Merells, Addidas, New Balance - they are all crap since they are not made in USA since 1990.
Shoes for a child have to be measured well, have supportive soles, good quality materials used which low cost countries do not offer.
Feet support entire posture and body gait so once they are deformed they will affect kids feet, posture, back, knees and shoulders.
Thus in Europe we never ever put garbage shoes on our children and we grow up with well formed feet and great posture.
You can only form kids feet when they are growing - once an adult nothing could be done, just orthodics to relive the pain.

Designer white patent leather boots from Spain

Ankle supportive high tops for child


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