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Wide high top sneakers for boys

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Brands Naturino

Product Code: Runik Navy

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  • Wide high top sneakers for boys
    Best for high instep feet boys.
    Sole is wide that fits wide feet well and toe box is round to accommodate wide feet.
    Cool high tops for boys and ultra comfort in walking.
    Blue and white mix of leather wide fit at its best.
    Good arches, heel support and wide toe box.
    None smell or sweat soles in those sneakers.
    Naturino brand manufactured in Serbia.
    European shoes never smell, they absorb sweat from kids feet.
    All the shoes from Europe are made with good fit where they are measured for every size
    Each size is measured and width adjusted - time consuming process but only way to get a good fitted shoe.
    Every child in Europe wears only shoes as those and no feet problems ever.
    Kids in Europe do not wear any sneakers made in China since they are not supportive
    They deform kids feet over time
    All orthopedic problems in kids are caused by low grade shoes and sneakers.
    USA imports some of the lowest grade shoes possible for children and even adults.
    Keens, Merels, Nike, New Balance, Crocks, any rubber shoes, sneakers - all junk that shots your kids feet completely.
    Where do you think pigeon toes and ankle pronation comes from?
    Junk shoes with zero support.
    We in Europe invest in kids shoes and end up with well formed feet as adults.
    Don't think medical orthodics will help either, even those made by doctor - orthodics will never reset foot to healthy condition.
    Buy only supportive shoes pr sneakers for your child to avoid all orthopedic problems

    Wide width boots for boys with high instep

    Good arch toddler boots with arches


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