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Wide instep ankle gray boots for toddler

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Manufacturer Kopecki

Product Code: Demor Gray

  • SKU: 454578
  • Wide instep shoes for toddler
    Great for toddler with wider feet
    Hard bottom walking shoes for toddlers with supportive soles.
    Baby first walker boots with ankle support.
    Gray leather with blue/white accent.
    Perfect style for kids with higher instep.
    High arch no smelly feet in those boots
    Superior quality waterproof leather boots.
    Proper orthopedic baby walkers with support since every child does need shoes as those.
    They form and support kids feet to perfection.
    Good shoes for a child is a must since they provide optimal support for growing and forming feet.
    Europeans only put such caliber shoes on kids since they are important to prevent any orthopedic problems.
    We call them orthopedic shoes in Europe and every child wears them.
    Benefit of them is that they restore kids feet to correct position if child is pigeon toed or ankle pronated.

    Hard bottom boots for toddlers supportive soles

    Wide high instep toddler boots


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    Demetria from NJ 2019-12-12 19:00:11

    Quality ankle boots for my toddler with ankle pronation. They have orthopedic support and stable heel for pronation. Already walks better and ankles will align in those shoes over time. My pediatrician is Greek and did second medical school here in USA and said that shoes for kids are the worst of the worst sold in USA. All they junk they selling to kids here destroys their feet over time. In Greece every child wears quality shoes as those and they end up with well formed feet. No doctor will tell you that in USA since they like kids with destroyed feet so they can sell them orthodics later. Useless since they will never fix their feet.