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Wide Feet Sandals for Toddler from Europe | Orthopedic Closed Toe

Wide feet sandals for toddler from Europe
Pronation best support kids toddler walking sandals.
They are sturdy, ankle supportive with reinforced ankle support so feet will not collapse in those sandals ever.
Only kind supportive sandals for a child are needed since they keep
weak ankle supported at all times.
Child will not pronate in those effective and wide summer shoes.
Toe in best corrective baby boys sandals for support.
Perfect for high
instep and truly wide feet where velcros are extra long and perfect for chubby feet.
Gray leather with hint of lime leather.
Best for wide and chubby instep feet toddler.
ortho sandals for a toddler.
No sweat innersoles for kids
Corrective for little feet with best arch support for walking.
Proper ankle supportive l
eather boys sandals that will form toddlers foot to perfection
Only sandals that are manufactured in Europe for children are
orthopedic ones
Orthopedic means forms and support
toddlers foot molding and forming it correctly
Posture is supported as well since feet carry whole body frame.
Don't skip on
quality of shoes you place on your child since they are the ones forming their feet and affecting whole posture.
We Europeans do not think of shoes as shoes....no...no..no
We think of support,
foot formation, orthopedic support, shape of the feet, walk, position of feet when children are walking
We pay great money for kids shoes as well since they have to be well made with proper support.
Shoes for kids are viewed as foot developmental need - not a fashion in any way.
Don't think that kids grew out of shoes in a month or so.
Babies if they chubby change shoes every 4 months since their feet are growing faster due to weight.
Babies with regural not chubby feet change the shoes every 5-6 months.
Only 2 pairs of good shoes are needed for entire season
Also, don't rotate between cheap shoes and good ones since whatever quality shoe aligns the foot, the
cheap one will destroy and deform kids feet.
Every pediatrician or foot doctor will confirm that in Europe.
We do not have medicine for profit like in USA so if sensible resolution is in place they will suggest that.
In USA every doctor says that shoes does not matter for a child and then they gladly sell you orthodics later.
Well, in Europe they will instruct to buy good shoes for a child and monitor the foot growing progress.
Quality shoe acts as orthodics itself and impact the foot positively.
Notice all the local children in USA - look how
deformed and destroyed their feet are...it is from the cheap shoes folks.
Pigeon toes, flat feet, ankle pronation, feet turning inwards...all cause of cheap none supportive shoes worn as a child.
Once child has destroyed and deformed feet their posture will be affected and pain in feet,
knees, back starts around age 30 and continues to rest of their lives.
No surgery exists to correct that....so shoes for a child are very important so they do not end up with deformed feet.

Pronation best support walking toddler sandals

Corrective little walking toddler ankle tops for kids


Alana from LA  -  24/05/2022

Work of art! Wonderful and they adjust so well on wide feet. Support top notch and visible arch support. My son walks in them so well. Quality shoes a must for a child but unfortunately none of my friends understand that and they keep buying cheap shoes for $20? All of them are pigeon toed and have visible ankle pronation. I explain that is due to the cheap shoes because we in Russia always had supportive shoes and no child walked crooked. We Russians just do not buy crap shoes for our kids and no one has any feet issues. Always supportive shoes as their feet are forming.

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