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Wide sandals with high instep for a boy with arches

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Austin Blue

  • SKU: 454521452
  • Wide width baby sandals with good arches
    Wide width and high instep sandals for a boy with arches.
    Made out of blue leather with red/white accent.
    Foot forming best little walkers.
    Best walking sandals for small baby forming feet.
    Child needs such sandals for best foot development and support.
    Cheap shoes made in China only will deform baby's feet
    Child will develop flat feet and pronated ankles over time.
    European put such shoes on their kids feet and children growing up with perfectly shaped feet.
    Think of shoes as foot development for your child, not just shoes.
    Baby will wear them entire summer so it is worth of investment.

    Wide width and high instep sandals for a boy with arches

    Hand made sandals from best quality leather for kids


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