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Brand: Murek

Product Code: Guzik Charcoal

Wide width tall boys snow boots

Wide width boys snow boots
Boy high top tall snow boots for deep snow.
They feature proper ankle support added into the sole
They will never bend at the heel when child is walking in them
Sole is soft but heel stays stable in a packet of the shoe.
They are light as a feather - weightless so child can walk freely properly positioning their feet.
Gray and blue soft leather.
Decorated with a side signs.
Arches present and lined with waterproof gortex material.
Inside they have thick wool for warmth and protection.
Child will never sweat in those boots, nor they ever smell
Why - they have special innersoles inside to absorb sweat.
The soles are light and flexible so toddler can walk with easy.
Good sole traction for snow ortho boots

True ortho boots that kids wear in Europe in a winter.
Test them in a snow - you will be blown away how well they test entire season.
Avoid heavy boots like Sorel or rubber made ones - heavy none orthopedic
Why, they destroy kids foot alignment and over time you notice child is pigeon toed.
They will develop that from heavy, bulky chunky boots.
Snow boots for a child cannot be heavy!

Please Note: those boots are lined with wool so order size up.

High arch walking high tops for toddlers

Top quality boy or girl high top


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