Weak ankles wide width boys leather tall sandals

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Brand: Krakus

Product Code: Bryon Charcoal

Wide width high instep sandals for boy
Corrective medical wide sandals for child with weak ankles
Best for child with pronation and ankles turning inwards
Orthopedic walking sandals for kids with proper ankle and arch support
Ankle is supported and will not bend in those wide sandals when child is walking that is needed to prevent pronation.
Orthopedic arch is present in the sole and lined with soft leather as ever child needs arch support for well formed feet.
Sole is flexible and made out of rubber and fits well wide feet.
Made out of combination of gray/red leather and plead leather decoration.
Super quality product, orthopedic with appropriate orthopedic support that every child does need.
Velcro close, arches present to adjust and secure kids foot.
Acti fresh soles so no smelly feet ever, as they absorb sweat from kids feet.
Flat foot preventive wide sandals with anti pronation effect
Best orthopedic style for boy with weak ankles.
Only type of sandals that every child should wear to prevent orthopedic problems.
They also help with flat feet, pigeon toe, ankle pronation in children.
Avoid local sandals that are marketed in USA as best for kids - they are not.
Keens, Crocks and other low quality shoes that are made in China are the worst for your kids feet.
They cause all orthopedic problems along with flat feet.
Parents do not realize that cheap shoes causing all the foot problems in children,
Actually they are since in USA no brand is marked as supportive or orthopedic.
Even Stride Rite brand that used to was known for quality now manufactures their shoes cheaply in China.
They offer no support for a child and over time they will deform their feet.

Please Note: the soles on those sandals run big so order size smaller.

Corrective medical sandals for child with weak ankles

Best for child with pronation and ankles turning inwards


Celine C. Miami FL  -  10/02/2022

Those sandals were great - we bought them last season for Florida weather we have here. Ankle high, good arch and they did not bent in the back when he was walking. Color super for a boy as well and well processed leather. My child has pronation and those sandals were the best one I have ever bought. I will buy this model again for this year.

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