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Wide width toddler high instep shoes
Best fit for wider feet boy.

Orthopedic shoes recommended by every pediatrician in Europe
Only orthopedic shoes for a child are allowed for sale in any European country.
No cheap shoes from China since they destroy and deform kids feet.
Every brand sold in USA is junk with no support. '
Any brand you mention is made in China and zero support, zero ankle support, cheap leather and no orthopedic soles.
Well, sorry so how those kids could have correctly formed feet when shoes are so cheap here?
How does crocks, keens, Nike, UGS or other cheap shoes provide support for kids feet?
How are they exactly doing it?
Truth is they destroy and deform your kids feet so you can later visit doctor and seek medical orthodics.
Problem is that orthodics will never restore your child's feet in any way.
They provide some support but you will see that it will be minimal difference.
That is how system is designed here - pediatrician in USA tells young parent that shoes for a child does not matter and cheap ones are ok.
Then child ends up with pigeon toes, pronation. ankles turning inwards.
Then orthodics are sold for a child and no improvement are ever seen.
System of collecting money for orthodics and destroying kids feet in a process.
Well, we in Europe buy only quality shoes as those and every doctor will tell you - best shoes only.
Child wears them and no orthopedic problems arise.
Shoes support feet, posture, body gait so they have to be absolute best.
We have no business of orthodics in Europe but business of quality shoes to keep kids feet healthy.
Generations of Italians, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Ukrainians or Russians grew up on such shoes and no  feet problems.
In USA they are generations of kids with deformed feet since parents are told that cheap shoes are ok for child to wear.
Total insanity of you ask any European.

Orthopedic shoes recommended by every pediatrician

Quality foot forming shoes for kids


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