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Wool pink slippers for a baby with arches

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Product Code: Jutrzenka Purple

  • SKU: 14-1478
  • Wool slippers for a baby with arches
    Good support house shoes for kids
    Purple boiled 100% natural wool (your child's feet will never sweat)
    Leather anti sweat soles and proper ortho support
    Notice elevated heel for proper support
    True ortho house shoes for a child
    Made in France not China huge difference in quality and fit.
    Kids feet are formed by shoes they wear so don't accept any substitutes.
    Quality house shoes from France with best profiled soles for your child.
    Please Note: soles on them run small so order size up.

    Good support house shoes for kids

    Flexible soles for new walkers


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    Alana - Alberta, Canada 2012-08-16 22:53:53

    Top of the line slippers - they truly are! Boiled wool, leather arch support and they fit amazing. I had a pair last year in another color and they wore like iron. Excellent quality slippers for a child. Thank you - you guys are the best store to deal with! The shoes are always constant quality, European and top of the line! I am so glad you have been kind to sent them to us in Alberta, Canada. Shoes here cost lots of more then in USA (quality ones). Thank you - again. Alana K from Alberta, CA