Geox Wool Slippers for a child with good arch

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Brand: Geox

Product Code: Koma Navy

Wool slippers for a boy with good arch
Ankle pronation preventive best slippers for kids.
Reinforced heel support present where the sole over lapses the heel.
Notice the reinforced ankle support in those.
They are not low at the heel - supported and sturdy keeping little feet aligned at all times.
Good fit house shoes as they adjust easily for kids.
Made out of blue boiled wool featuring colorful shark.
Excellent orthopedic arch support build into the sole of the slipper.
Flexible navy breathable air ventilation rubber sole.
Slippers could be worn inside the house, school or daycare.
They could be worn with or without socks.
Orthopedic doctor approved best house shoes for children with actual support.

Pronation preventive house shoes for boys

Wide and high instep house shoes for kids


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