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Ankle support canvas house shoes for baby

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Oldsmobil Blue

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  • Ankle support house shoes for baby
    Baby high top walking house shoes
    Blue/plead canvas material featuring a car.
    Easy clip close that easily adjust on baby foot
    Orthopedic high arch walking shoes for a child.
    Best thing to leather high tops for a child.
    Has the same arch, ankle support as leather shoe
    However, more comfortable for a baby then leather shoes in the house.
    Kids wear them in daycare, home, school.
    Their feet are always supported at all times.

    Baby high top walking house shoes

    Canvas shoes for kids with arches


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    Justine - Ohio 2014-12-21 18:20:59

    My son's foot begun to turn inwards so I went to the local pediatrician and he saw no problem. Months went by and his foot did not appeared to get better but got even worst. Went again but this time to orthopedic doctor and he was the one instructing me to buy European shoes with good support. He said that crocks, local cheap shoes, sneakers deform kids feet while kids wearing them. My son had Strite Rite shoes on and he said they are not supportive at all and cheaply made as well. He is Italian himself and he told me about the shoes kids wear in Europe. He told me to search online and I did. I called those folks and they were very helpful. They recommended those slippers and pair of supportive shoes which made a huge difference in my baby's walking. It took about 7 months but I saw a difference and the foot is getting better and better. He is not tripping, turning his foot anymore. It is due to those shoes and I am 10000% convinced. Those folks have my business for years to come.

    T.C --- New York 2014-03-26 12:37:29

    Superior slippers - I must say and real leather arch support inside. They are high in the back as well because they cover entire baby's heel for support. You need that for a baby - no low shoes - high supportive, yet flexible in the sole. Those little shoes are all that plus more! I also like the sandals that I got with great support as well and top leather. Shoes offered for kids in USA are the worst ones that I ever seen. No support, not orthopedic - nothing - total garbage. No wonder that local people have so many feet issues here - the shoes are shiet people - even for adults. Try European, quality shoe you will never go back to smelly Chinese made shoes ever. I always laugh personally when I see another celebrity offers "designer shoes" that offer zero quality and they all made in China and sell them for $150 plus. They come from the same bucket people - crap is crap. Sincerely Tamara Chabovskaya, NY