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Walking shoes children with hard bottom soles. Hard bottom boots, sandals, sneakers for boys and girls and heel support. Proper foot forming hard boots from Europe. Absolute best quality that you can buy. Sole is not stiff - as it should be. Sole is supportive and sole is super great in those sneakers. Orthopedic arches are added to the soles as they will never go flat since rubber contours to child's foot. There is a leather inside and out with padded innersole of course. Good hard high tops are important for kids as they form their posture correctly. You can avoid 98% of orthopedic problems with buying good hard boots for your child. Don't think of boots for kids are shoes...we think in Europe as medical need, support, soles for a child. Cheap ankle shoes will deform kids posture. All the problems when child is turning ankles in, flat, pigeon toes, ankle collapsing are caused by junk none orthopedic sneakers. Ask yourself this - how is the shoe made out of rubber or cheap not fitted shoe would support and correctly form child's foot? Effect is quite opposite - shuts the ankles down and destroys body gait. Crocks, Keens, Merels, Converse, Bugs, cheap sneakers, cheap sandals, flip flops, rubber snow hard boots - pretty much any shoe on USA market is not orthopedic. They destroy kids ankles. You can just look around (in school, playground) and observe kids ankles- they are all pronated and pigeon toed. What could be the cause of it if they were born with normal ankles? They got deformed with junk high tops! China has no clue what quality is and how the shoes for a child have to be constructed. Europeans measure the soles, width, add orthopedic arch to the shoes. Leather on them is top quality with soft, well processed and never use lead or mercury for leather dye. China adds lead and mercury to the leather so it captures paint faster. That is why their sneakers smell so badly and perspire when kids wear them. It is a poison on kids posture if leather from China is used - in a nut sell. Remember, person is not born with deformed, pronated - never, flat feet are genetic and that is about 5% of people - rest of orthopedic problems are from cheap footwear. European Orthopedic Ministry of Health confirms that 100% only in USA doctors tell you that good hard footwear for a child does not matter. Completely not true. Invest in good good shoes from infant to teen and child will end up with well formed ankles, great posture and no orthopedic problems of any kind.

Quality shoes for babies with hard soles

Sturdy ankle supportive shoes for kids of all ages

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