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Ankle turning in correction house shoes

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Sebastian Blue

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  • Ankle turning in correction house shoes
    Orthopedic house shoes or canvas for every toddler.
    Blue/plead material featuring a excavator.
    Easy clip close that stays on all the times.
    Kids can take naps in them as well as they virtually weightless on their feet.
    Those house shoes were designed by doctor in Germany back in 1980.
    Now, many brands in Europe makes them practically identical.
    Sole is anatomic and that is holding the whole foot support.
    Notice the back is higher then front
    Why, ankle is supported and heel is not turning in every direction when child is walking.
    Ortho shoes for your child only - always.
    Why their feet are forming when they growing.
    If you buy cheap slippers with no support
    Child will end up with deformed feet.
    Ankles collapsing, flat feet develops and becomes pigeon toes.
    USA has some of the lowest quality shoes for kids sold - all made in China.
    Shoes for child have to be cheaply made - well we do not think that i Europe.
    Quite opposite - we buy the best shoes we can find for your child.
    Shoes could properly shape kids feet or completely destroy them.

    Orthopedic canvas shoes for boy with car decorations.

    Good arch slippers for a toddler


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