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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Miki White

Ankles turning in ankle high ortho correct sandals

Ankles turning in best correct sandals
Best supportive sandals that you can buy
Best for child that needs foot support and pronates.
High arch orthopedic support girls corrective sandals.
White leather with turquoise mix.
Will not perspire in those sandals either.
Will not fold in the back, leather reinforced heel that is preventive for ankle pronation.
This is the style that children should wear when their ankles are collapsing.
Wear only high top shoes, sandals with reinforced heel
Over time foot alignment will take place and over time child foot will turn straight
It takes time to destroy kids feet and takes time to recover them as well.
You can only do that with quality shoes as those with proper orthopedic support.
Do not rotate them with cheap shoes since you never see any improvement.

High arch orthopedic support best baby sandals

Good arch sandals for weak ankles in kids


Nancy, MN  -  24/05/2017

Superior quality and they adjust very well since double velcro at the toes and around the ankles....great arch support and ankle support. Love the color and design...will buy that that brand again....great sandals for a 5 years old.

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