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Ankles turning in house shoes for kids
Notice the back of those canvas walkers, they feature reinforced heel
Sole overlapses over the heel keeping it elevated in a packet.
As a result baby's feet will be supported at all times and prevent it from pronation.
Orthopedic slippers/canvas/sandals for a girl absolute best and made in Europe.
Made for a baby girl and decorated with a cute flower.
Easy side clip close.
Ortho arches present in the soles of the slipper.
Leather lining inside with huge orthopedic bump that is added as extra support.
All the slippers in Europe are made same way, only way orthopedic way.
Arches are formed into the soles of the shoes, you will see them from the side of the model.
It is best technology ever since child's foot is always supported.
Those slippers are great addition to leather shoes that child wears outside, inside those house shoes are the best.
Try them kids love to wear them, we sell hundreds of them every season.
Every child in Europe starts with those house shoes indoors and wears them in the house or daycare.
For outside we have leather orthopedic shoes with great support
Child only needs 2 pairs of good shoes for rotation.
Avoid cheap shoes from China that are sold in USA, they shot and deform your kids feet over time.
China has no clue what quality, orthopedic shoe even is so how they can make shoes that destroy kids feet.
In Europe shoes from China are never sold in any department store as they considered low quality and never orthopedic

Canvas shoes for a girl with good arch for walking

Canvas shoes for girls with high arch


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