Flat foot Treatment Shoes for Kids

Flat foot support kids shoes from Europe, medical shoes for children with arches, ankle support, and profiled soles. Weak ankles high tops for boys and girls with sturdy ankle support for pronation. Orthopedic best with proper support for children. Orthopedic arches in all European shoes are added to the soles. Soles are contoured to support kids foot, and rubber is formed to support foot arch. Rubber is a material that never goes flat so arch support is constantly there and never goes flat. The technology was changed over 17 years ago when Italians invented orthopedic soles and then whole orthopedic industry followed. There is no such thing as flat shoes in Europe. There are four companies in Europe that manufacture the soles and they are the ones measuring the width, adding orthopedic arches, measuring the sizes, adding logos to the soles. Soles are technically worth more then shoes themselves since they set the whole shoe and determine their width, flexibility and fit. The soles are produced in Europe, not China, not Vietnam not Sri Lanka. Orthopedic Ministry of Health regulates the soles and whole children shoe industry since shoes for kids in Europe are viewed as developmental and health product. Feet carry entire body, posture therefore it is very important they are well formed and supported.

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Medical shoes for kids from Poland

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