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Baby first walking gray leather sneakers

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Brands Biomecanics

Product Code: Petros Gray

  • SKU: 55-4578
  • Baby first walking shoes with ultra soft soles.
    Orthopedic European made best new walking infant baby first shoes for boy.
    Ultra soft soles with easy velcro close.
    The soles are biomechanical soft and designed in Spain by University of Bolonia.
    Biomechanical soles best for new walkers learning to stand and walk.
    Perfect soles made by Biomecanics brand from Spain.
    Stable, supportive with ortho arches by Biomechanics for infant boys.
    We never seen a baby walking badly in those baby first shoes ever.
    They are like on cloud 9 in those baby first shoes.
    When infant boy is walking entire heel is staying in a heel packet and keep it stable and supported.
    That sole prevents child from pronation and heel from turning in every direction.
    They slip on easily on child's foot and close with velcros.
    High top orthopedic walking sneakers for kids with proper orthopedic support for a child.
    Tip toe preventive baby walking sneakers due to those special soles.
    Flat feet preventive as well since they feature great orthopedic arch support as well.
    No flat baby first shoes is ever produced in Europe, orthopedic baby first shoes only are produced in Europe.
    Footwear for kids is regulated by Ministry of Health and they have to be orthopedic and supportive

    Those baby first shoes are made in Spain by Biomecanics brand.
    Made out of gray yellow extra soft leather.
    Orthopedic arches inside with special innersoles that absorb sweat form little feet.
    Children need such walking sneakers so they will not end up with deformed feet
    Cheap walking sneakers with no support destroy and deform kids feet.
    Avoid walking sneakers made in China - they are not orthopedic, not supportive and over time your child will end up with destroyed feet.
    All orthopedic issues children display are caused by cheap first walking sneakers.
    No arches, no heel support no anti sweat soles - then they are no good baby first shoes or sneakers.
    You can easily destroy child's feet with cheap shoes sold in USA and then suffer consequences with orthopedic problems.
    Ankle pronation, pigeon toe, tip toe walking, flat feet are all results of wearing shoes with no support when a child.
    Feet will simply deform and destroy over time with cheap shoes and it will be too late to restore them.
    Start your child with quality baby first shoes and continue with good baby first shoes till they are teens and you can avoid all orthopedic problems.
    Shoes for kids in Europe are designed to form kids feet and support foot development.
    They have nothing to do with fashion. They are medical product that is designed for kids to support their feet and posture.

    High top orthopedic sneakers for infant boy

    Infant first walking shoes with support


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