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Support boots for toddler boy with foot turned outward

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Brosio Black

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  • Baby foot turned outward correction shoes
    Yes, they are total correction shoes for toddlers
    Snow boots made in Europe are even orthopedic as we do not have any shoes that are not supportive.
    It is illegal in Europe to make junk shoes
    Every company producing kids shoes in Europe is regulated
    They are required to make correction orthopedic shoes or close the business.
    Regulations are set by European Orthopedic Ministry of Health
    The reason for it is that shoes for kids are viewed as medical need not a fashion statement.
    Companies have to follow the guidelines set by what kind of shoes are allowed to be produced and how they supposed to align kids feet.
    Those boots feature needed ankle, heel and arch support for a child.
    Over time they will straight and align child's feet so their feet or foot stop turning inwards.
    Orthopedic baby boots with high arch support
    Gray/black leather decorated with red treat.
    Totally waterproof and snowproof winter boots.
    Arch with support build into the innersole sole of the boot.
    Lined with wool that keeps baby's feet warm and always dry.
    Boots are lined with interior lining with gortex.
    Flexible gray rubber sole with superior traction.
    Also, once you start with quality shoes do not wear any local shoes since you never see any improvement
    Whatever quality shoe aligns the foot the cheap one destroys the line up and you never see any improvement.

    Lined with sheep wool that prevents sweating

    Totally waterproof and snowproof winter boots


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