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Baby Leather Shoes Made in USA | Orthopedic with Good Arches

Baby shoes made in USA
Sorry, no orthopedic quality baby shoes as those are made in USA.
Entire production of quality shoes was moved to low cost countries.
US used to produced sneakers in USA back in 1950,1960,1970
Popular brands were Buster Brown and Stride Rite but those were outsourced to China.
Then in 1980 most of companies begun to outsource production and move the factories overseas.
Kids and adult sneakers included.
That is so not good since quality of sneakers produced completely diminished.
Shoes made in China are the worst shoes for kids growing and developing feet.
They cause orthopedic problems to develop and they will deform and destroy your kids feet.
Crocks, Converse, Keens, UGS, Nike, New Balance, any local sneakers or shoes the are not orthopedic nor supportive.
They are not suitable to be worn by any child since they cause more damage to kids feet then you can even image.
Whole body gait is compromised and feet totally destroyed in those cheap shoes.
Now, USA had majority of sneakers sold made in China.
No quality, no support, no orthopedic arches present.
That is not good for kids feet.
Child needs supportive, leather best shoes for walking.
If they wear cheap sneakers their feet will deform and collapse.
Main cause of all orthopedic problems such as ankle pronation, pigeon toes, and tip te walking are low quality shoes with no support.
Try those sneakers made in Europe, they are among the best ones
They have all orthopedic features that shoes for a child should have.
Ankle support, high tops, arches and all.
They feature reinforced heel, good ankle support and orthopedic arches present.
They are truly ortho shoes for a toddler that will align, support and properly support kids feet.
Those sneakers also feature none sweat soles that will absorb sweat from kids foot.
No smelly feet ever in those shoes.
You will like the support, orthopedic arch and proper ankle support that every child needs not just those with orthopedic problems.

Toddler orthopedic shoes manufactured in USA

Ankle support best toddler sneakers


N.C from North Carolina - 27/08/2023

Good leather on them and support as well....ankle supportive since this little sneaker holds baby's ankles very well. They cover the ankles just like I wanted. Flexible rubber soles and they easy to put on. I got them for Summer originally and my daughter wears them still Fall included. Definitely European made....I will be back since I always manage to find super shoes on your sale. Shoes in Europe are expensive for kids...I am Italian so I know. Very much appreciate the store and quick shipment.

Anastasja C. - 12/08/2023

Nice gym shoes with ankle support for a toddler. My daughter has pronation so only European shoes will correct that....those sneakers have sturdy heel support and that is what is needed for pronation. Those shoes are cute and durable. Got them on sale in Hinsdale and few other shoes. Best shoe store for European shoes since selection they offer is gigantic and they know how to fit them well.

Jessica D, Chicago IL - 17/03/2020

Great little sneakers with good support and they cute as they can be,. Leather on them is good and they do not scuff. Pricey though but good

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