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Baby new walking ortho supportive ankle high sandals

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Aora Navy

  • SKU: 13-745789
  • Best baby new walking high top girls sandals
    Best heel support top sandals for weak ankles.
    Wide orthopedic girls top sandals with arches for baby.
    Heel is covered so are the toes with ankle top support.
    Proper foot correction ortho top sandals for a toddler.
    Every baby in Europe wear such shoes and they end up with well formed feet and posture.
    Toe in high top correction baby sandals from Europe for a top sandals for girls.
    Made out of navy leather with hint of pink.
    Fully adjustable style perfect for kids with wide and top high instep feet.
    Excellent orthopedic top arch in those baby sandals.
    Pink rubber sole in those top sandals.
    Close back and covered front for active top kids.

    Toe in correction baby sandals from Europe

    Flat foot top support top sandals for kids


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    Miriam, Victoria 2015-10-21 19:34:39

    Thank you for such beautiful, supportive sandals for my baby! Arrived to Australia in 15 days of the order, nicely packed. Those sandals are wonderful for my chubby girl and she wears them everyday with no issues. They adjust easily to her foot with velcros, great arch support, high back and super soft nice leather. I am so grateful and I did placed another order for some canvas slippers and pair of other walkers we can use here for the Summer. Wonderful service as well, very helpful with sizing and fit. It was such easy process to get size and style suggestions. I am so pleased! Miriam,