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Extra wide baby sandals with high arches

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Brands Krakus

Product Code: Tupak Blue

  • SKU: 99-4785
  • Wide feet sandals for toddler from Europe
    Extra wide for child with high arches
    Pronation best
    support kids walking sandals.
    Great ankle support in those sandals for pronated ankles.
    Over time they will align kids feet and posture and child will not be pronated anymore.
    It takes time to deform the foot with cheap shoes and takes time to restore it.
    It is only possible with good supportive sandals as those.
    Toe in best corrective baby boys sandals for support.
    Navy, red with hint of fashionable plead leather.
    Close back and covered front for active kids.
    Sturdy, ankle supportive best boys sandal.
    Best for pronation, tip toe walking, flat feet.
    Those sandals will form kids feet correctly giving proper ortho support.
    Cheap shoes destroy kids feet and that is a cause of all foot issues, thus invest in your kids feet.
    Please Note: the soles on those sandals run big so order size smaller.

    Toe in best corrective baby boys sandals for support

    Pronation best support kids walking sandals


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