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First steps baby shoes best for learning to walk

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Manufacturer Pink Apple

Product Code: Clearance

  • SKU: 33-6689
  • Baby shoes to learn how to take first steps
    Offered in bigger sizes also as they are unique and fantastic shoes for a child.
    Orthopedic shoes for a girls - best of the best.
    Made in Italy by Pink Apple out of best quality leather.
    Designer 100% leather ortho shoes from Italy. 
    Arches, heel support, none sweat soles - all 9 yards of quality shoe.
    Reinforced ankle support against pronation and pigeon toes.
    Flexible brown rubber sole decorated with flowers.
    Shoes from Italy are among the best since they are foot shaping shoes'
    Kids feet are formed by the shoes they wear.
    If they are low quality they end up with deformed feet.
    Those shoes is top top quality, as good as they make them in Italy.

    Orthotic shoes for a girls from Italy

    Good arch walking shoes for girls


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