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Size Child

Girls shoes from Italy unique with support

Designer orthopedic shoes for girls from Italy. Quality fashion shoes for toddlers with high arches, orthopedic support, foot corrective for supination. Ankle high shoes for children supporting posture. Pink Apple is a brand from Italy that specializes in orthopedic best shoes for children of all ages. The shoes are like work of art and they are absolute best for children in general. They offer needed support for kids feet and posture. Baby's feet and body are supported by shoes they wear so quality shoes with best support are a must for young walkers. Invest in best shoes for your child since they are medical need, not a fashion statement in any way. Europeans only buy best orthopedic shoes for their children and kids end up with well formed feet and good posture. It is all related to quality shoes they are wearing. The shoes are soft, supportive and absolute best quality with proper ankle and heel support and arches present.
Ambrozja Beige

Posture best shoes for girlsHeel support best foot aligment for child.High arches, heel support shoes.Toddlers ankles bend inwards best shoes.Beige metal..

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Ambrozja Pink

Italian pink toddlers shoes with high arch support.Unique fashion designer toddler shoes from ItalyThey have it all, fantastic leather, design, support a..

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Ambrozja Red

Best walking shoes for kids with narrow feetWalking girl's shoes decorated with flower sole.Pronation support best shoes for kidsDesigner shoes from Ital..

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Ambrozja Rose

Baby walking shoes with hard bottom solesSupination support best shoes for kidsProper ankle support with actual reinforced heelProfiled soles best design..

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Berta Pink

Pronating ankles best fix shoes for girlsPerfect pink Italian girls casual shoes with flower sole.Italian made by Pink AppleOrtho best designer shoes for..

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Fikus Brown

Baby shoes to learn how to take first stepsOrthotic shoes for a girls -best of the best. Made in Italy by Pink Apple out of best quality leather.Designer..

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Frimka Silver

Pigeon toes best Italian boots for a toddlerProper shoes for a child that over time will restore their feet.Ankles begin to line up and feet will begin t..

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Geria Gray

Shoes to stop ankles turning inwards in kids.Corrective pronation best kids shoes from ItalyAnkles turning stop best support shoes from Italy. They featu..

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Geria Pink

Designer Italian shoes for kids that correct anklesUnique  designer Italian shoes for a girl from Italy. Flat feet best support kids mary janes with..

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Geria Purple

Purple leather designer ortho shoes for childrenOriginal designer style from ItalyNot only beautiful but also functional and orthopedicProfiled soles, gr..

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Gilma Red

Red leather fashion boots for kidsOrthopedic fashion designer fashion toddler Italian boots for kids from ItalyDesigner fashion Italian boots for kids wi..

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Kala Brown

Shoes to prevent toe walking in kidsFlat foot best ankle support boots for kidsCorrective orthopedic and made in ItalyAbsolute best high tops for a child..

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Lucitta Pink

Kids sandals with best arch made in ItalyDesigner kids sandals with best arches from Italy.Elegant and quality arch sandals for girls.Made by Italian bra..

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Mina Leopard

Shoes to stop overpronation for girls Flats but with actual heel support that will support anklesThey are sturdy and supportive in the back of the shoe a..

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Pikka Pink

Sandals for flat feet kidsItalian designer pink sandals for girlsElegant and quality sandals for girls filled with diamonds.Made in Italy by Pink Apple o..

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