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Ballerina shoes for any girl from Italy, red leather dressy flats for girls with arch support orthopedic ankle support for children. Proper flats for a girl with good arches and none sweat soles.

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Brand: Formentini

Product Code: Madelina Burgundy

Ballerina shoes for a girl from Italy

Ballerina shoes for a girl from Italy
Red and lovely leather decorated with matching rose
Perfect narrow fit model that actually stays on kids feet.
Lowely unique Italian flats for a child.
Dress shoes for kids in red color
Made in Italy by Formentini.
Flats that actually stay on kids feet due to special rubber that keeps them on.
Rubber is added to the back of the shoe hardly visible but does keep the shoes on well
Proper orthopedic arches present and none sweat soles.
Cute flats for child for special occasion or dress up.

Dress shoes for kids with arches

Red ballerina flats for special dress up


Lara D. from Colorado - 03/03/2020

Adorable ballerinas for little girl. We got them for Christmas and they held up amazingly. My granddaughter wore them everyday. They are leather made and have excellent arch support in them. Just what the little feet need. Thanks you.

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