Girls Italian flats that stay on their feet with arches

Girls Italian Formentini flats that stay on their feet, imported from Italy. Orthopedic with good arches, heel support for girls. Dress ballerina flats for special occasion for girls with narrow feet. Made in Italy by Formentini brand that is a leader in kids footwear production. Flats stay on due to the design back of the heel has a small rubber that keeps the flats on girls feet. They never fell off their feet, they stay in secure on. Offered in variety of colors and sizes. Good arches and soft support present. Soft leather used with proper support. Great for daily wear or dress up. Orthopedic arches present and very soft leather used. Totally cushioned flats that could be worn with no socks. Great for narrow feet girls with narrow instep. Perfect summer shoe for a child that could be worn with any dresses or casual outfits. Quality orthopedic flats only come from Europe since they are the only ones making orthopedic for kids. Offered in many colors as silver, red, navy, black, purple, silver and brown leather. Decorative with flower or buckle for unique design and twist. Great quality leather used on them and arch support is present in them as well. China has no clue what orthopedic shoe even is and shoes they produce deform kids feet over time. Europe does not buy shoes in China but they produce their own that are quality and supportive. Shoes for kids in Europe are viewed as medical and developmental need - it is not a fashion statement in any way. Shoes for kids supposed to form and support kids feet so they secure the feet and posture. If child is pigeon toed and pronated it is due to cheap footwear they been wearing. Feet deform over time in cheap shoes and results will be evident over time. Thus invest in good footwear from the start for your child.

Flats for girls with narrow feet

Dress flats shoes for girls from Europe

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