European Ballerina Shoes for Women | Offered in Big Sizes

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Brand: Prestige

Product Code: Zerta Beige

Beige ballerina shoes for women offered in big sizes
It is hard to find comfortable flats in ladies big sizes.
Well, we have it in big sizes 11,12,13 USA.
Perfect for regural to wide and high instep feet.
Made out of best quality soft leather with blue decorative strap for unique look.
This is one comfy daily wear shoe casual that will match just about any outfit you wear.
We ordered them for ladies who have a trouble finding a good shoe in big sizes.
In Europe women shoes are offered up to size 13 since many German women have big feet.
Shoes of that caliber are produced in big sizes upon request.
Those are comfortable big size flats for women in beige natural leather.
They are well made for young ladies and teens as well.
Comfortable walking big size flats for women from Europe.
Orthopedic supportive for young women or teens.
Manufactured in Europe out of quality leather beige and blue mix decorated with small pin
Great to wear for any season big size flats.
Made by Prestige brand in Poland.
Great teen big size shoe durable and made in Europe not China.
Those are some durable well made big size shoes that will last many years to come.

In Europe focus is always on quality and durability since shoes have to last at least 7 years
They have to be solidly made out of best leather since they cannot smell or cause any discomfort.
Shoes from China are horribly constructed, they smell due to low quality leather that is used for production.
Leather from China always has mercury traces on leather as they use it for leather dye.
This is completely illegal in Europe since mercury is a toxic substance and causes harm to human body.

European natural flats for ladies

Good support ballerinas for teen girls


Didi from KY  -  16/04/2023

Nice color beige flats - comfortable and made in Europe

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