European designer women shoes and boots manufactured in Europe

Over the knee best fashion shoes for teens or women. Black, gray and brown best leather boots for women. Designer shoes imported from Poland for women with big sizes for women. High fashion boots for women from Europe. Prestige brand manufactured in Europe for young women or ladies unique boots, shoes and sandals. Top quality just below the knee unique designer fashion boots for ladies. They are one of a kind winter designer fashion boots from Europe. Gray, black or beige lamb leather decorative. The leather on boots is ultra soft like butter. Decorative with designer buckle on the side unique boots. Side zip close on those unique boots. Lined with warm fleece and waterproof gortex lining. Boots will never leak any water or snow so you can wear them in crazy weather as well. Boots of that caliber last normally 9-10 winters since they are quality and made in Europe. We do not replace winter designer fashion boots every year like women do in USA. We buy a pair of snow designer fashion boots and we wear them 9-10 years. Maybe we buy few to rotate them over the years but that is how we build collection of designer fashion boots. They last years to come, quality ones only made in Europe, not China. Boots for ladies feature a flat sole that is anti-slip and flat designed for comfort walking.Sole of the boots is made out of flexible rubber. Toe box of that boot is regural to wide feet. Leather is soft and well processed but still will expand about 30% once worn. Any shoe, boot, sneaker for ladies made out of quality leather will adjust on your feet and expand.

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