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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Kuma Navy

Best arch support boots for toddlers heel support

Best arch support boots for toddlers with heel support
Proper ortho heel support boots for a toddler with weak ankles.
Sturdy heel support to prevent ankle pronation and pigeon toes boots
Proper orthopedic heel support boots for a toddler designed and made in Europe.
Ankle support best with profiled soles.
New walking high tops boots with excellent arches.
Sole with best heel and ankle support boots.
Navy leather boots and decorated with white polka dots.
support present with none sweat soles present.
Flexible sole walkers for toddler boots.
Boots shape and mold kids feet so it is important that toddler wears only quality heel support boots
Only heel support boots made in Europe are truly orthopedic since they form kids feet and posture.

Heel support best arch boots for toddlers

New walking high tops with excellent arches


Betty C.  -  30/12/2019

Cutest shoes for a new walker - arrived quickly.

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