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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Pruga Pink

Best house shoes for toddler with arches

Best house shoes for toddler with arches
House shoes for toddler best for learning to stand and walk.
Made out of pink canvas material filled with polka dots.
Adjustable clip that will stabilize child's foot.
Foot forming best canvas house shoes for kids.
Arches, heel support best - notice the back of the slipper is higher then rest
They are anti ankle pronation effective due to that sole
The heel stays in the packet at all times
Child will walk and heel will be supported at all times.
Ortho best canvas or house slippers.

House shoes for toddler best for learning to stand

Heel support best toddler slippers


Miriam - Palm Beach, FL  -  28/12/2020

Lovely and well made little shoes. I search for orthopedic walkers but local kids stores have no clue what orthopedic shoes even are. I am European myself and I remember that kids wore such slippers with laces on them and leather profiled shoes. As a result no one have crooked feet. Unlike in USA I see kids in plastic shoes with pigeon toes and collapsed ankles..this is due to cheap, not profiled shoes. I do not want my kid to have horrible feet like that since it will later affect her posture. It seems people in America do not understand that...Those little slippers are orthopedic, with profiled soles and they are high enough in a back to give proper support to my baby's feet. I also bought pair of sandals and they are orthopedic as well. That is what I wanted - quality shoes. I will be back in few months for new pairs.

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