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Pink ortho slippers for girls with proper arch support

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Smerfetka Pink

  • SKU: 88-78954562
  • Best orthopedic slippers for kids with arches
    Adorable for a baby girl and decorated with a cute flower.
    Best orthopedic slippers for kids with arches that stay on kids feet
    Close with a side buckle that stabilizes the foot/heel and keeps the shoes on.
    This canvas walker has it all.
    Arches, heel support, comfort and top quality.
    Every baby in Europe grows up on those slippers.
    We do not let children walk barefoot all over the house as they might step into some object
    We put such slippers for support.
    They are so well made and comfortable that it is like having nothing on kids feet. 

    Heel supportive canvas house shoes

    Good arch house shoes for kids


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