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Best shoes in girls and flat feet

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Brands Falcotto

Product Code: Leak Navy

  • SKU: 2014682
  • Best shoes for overpronation flat feet
    Corrective shoes for weak ankles in toddler girls
    Fallen arches orthopedic corrective shoes for kids.
    Sporty boys leather shoes decorated with cat.
    Navy/red smooth leather.
    Little feet shoes for a child with all the features of ortho sneakers.
    Will never be produced in Europe if not orthopedic.
    Only quality shoes make it to production if they approved by European Pediatric Ministry of Health.
    Kids shoes in Europe are viewed as foot forming
    Therefore if they not orthopedic they are not allowed to sell in Europe.
    We import shoes only made in Europe.
    Pronated ankles best girls summer or spring shoes from Europe
    Ultra light in weight and made out of ultra soft leather.

    In Europe kids wear such shoes entire season as they provide ultimate ankle support.
    They are tall just below the ankle and they offer proper orthopedic support.

    Corrective shoes for weak ankles in toddler girls

    Flat foot support girls shoes with arches


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