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Best shoes for wide feet kids
Wide, wide feet and high instep best.
Instep on them is high so child with widest feet will fit in them comfortably.
Sole of the model determines the width of the shoe
This sole is perfectly suited for wide feet and high instep.
Flat foot support at its best.
Quality leather used imported from Italy.
Manufactured by best company in Europe Obex.
Good soles profiled with actifresh innersoles so no smelly feet.
Lovely rose color with flowers that any child will like.
Comfortable to wear with no socks in the summer.
Type of shoe that every child should wear that has actual foot support.
Avoid cheap shoes made in low production countries
Why, they deform kids feet over time.
No support, no fit, low quality materials used.
Child will end up flat footed, pronated with collapsed ankles.
Deformed feet affect child posture.

Flat foot support best shoes for girls

Pink shoes for girls with wide feet


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Sandi - San Francisco 2012-08-22 18:40:39

Cute and well made shoes. My daughter has been wearing them for a week now and I can see they became her favorites. She asks for them everyday so they must be be comfy. The leather on them is easy to clean (I use soap and water with a brush) all the dirt, scuff lines easily came off. They do not bleed either so they look new once hand washed. Those are well made shoes, I must say.

Kelly, Oregon USA 2012-08-21 19:15:43

I like shoes made in Poland, Obex in particular. The leather on them is superior inside and out. My daughter loves them and they are comfortable and very durable. I like those shoes myself because they are so different. I am ordering another one today for next year. Thank you!

Andrea D from Memphis 2012-08-07 21:27:42

Superior quality shoes for a child. I am amazed with quality of them. They are made well and they will last for sure. The sole is beautiful as well. - full of flowers and designs. The arch, quality and fit is fantastic especially that my daughters feet are a bit wide. They worked out well for us. Thank you for fast shipping. You just gained another loyal customer.