Toddler leather high tops with reinforced ankle support

Obex quality ortho shoes, boots, sneakers, sandals, for kids from Poland. Best quality orthopedic arch present, best foot corrective tops for kids. Those are some phenomenal shoes with orthopedic support of toddlers feet. Those shoes have excellent arch support that stands out like inflated pillows. Orthopedic arch is added to the sole of the model and leather lining is added on top for comfort. This is European footwear manufacture technology from Europe that was improved in 1990. Rubber soles hold and support toddlers foot and arch is added to the sole of the shoe. It is much better product then arch added to the interior lining of the shoe. This was technology back in 1960 till 1990 but it was not as good as current improvement. Basically leather inside of the shoe was build up to create an illusion of an arch but when toddler begun to wear those shoes. The leather bump diminish, got smaller and went flat over time. Toddler is walking, running, jumping in those sneakers so interior lining gets soft and flat over time. Thus the orthopedic arch bump gets smaller over time. This model of shoe production was not that effective so in 1990 Italians begun adding arch support to the mold of the rubber sole. If you slash the shoe you will see a bump in a sole (usually on the interior side of the shoe). Some models show it visible unevenness and some not but you can rest assure they all have excellent support in the soles. No European manufacture is even allowed to produce none supportive shoes for toddlers. They have to be orthopedic and supportive or factory will loose their manufacture license in Europe.

High tops walking shoes for toddlers with best arch

Comfort shoes with arch for kids with flat feet

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