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Black leather furry fashion snow boots girls

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Boelia Black

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  • Black leather fashion snow boots girls
    Those are cute snow boots, that your child could wear entire winter.
    They offer good support, arches, ankle support for walking.
    Sole is molded to support kids feet and has a arch support added to the sole of the style.
    Lined with warm black fleece and decorative fur outside.
    Proper snow boots for a child with ortho support.
    Europe does not make cheap, flat boots or shoes.
    There is a reason for that, kids feet are formed by shoes they wear so they have to be quality only.
    Those are orthopedic since they have all the features of it.

    Made out of black natural leather and lined with fleece.
    Decorated with amazing in look gray fuzzy fur and velcros.
    Side zipper for an easy fit.
    Totally waterproof and ok to wear in deep snow.
    Try them they are great and look superior on kids feet.
    Stay away from local shoes made in China they destroy and deform kids feet and posture.
    When child is pronated and pigeon toed it is caused by low quality shoes they have been wearing.
    Kids feet are formed and supported by shoes they wear so they have to be absolute best quality ones.

    Tall snow boots for girls with fleece lining

    Fur boots for kids best for fashion


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    Lana - Northbrook , IL 2019-12-02 02:45:41

    Just bought them in Hinsdale store and they are fabulous! Nice fur inside and out and they fashionable. They look so great on my daughter. Easy on and off design and they are warm inside. Can't compare them to now "chinese UGS" (sold those days in Nordstroom and other stores). UGS are not orthopedic, no support and they are not waterproof - those boots are for lot of less money and they made in Europe = quality. I love this store and my child has only shoes from them and her feet are perfect unlike I see on kids in her school all flat footed and pigeon toed. Amazing that people can be that stupid and cheap at the same time. I buy 2 pairs per season and my child wears only quality shoes since you do not need more anyway. However folks in USA buy 8 pairs of cheap shoes and have destroyed feet.