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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Olia Fuchsia

Boots for Flat Footed Baby with Good Arches | Girls High Tops

Boots for flat footed baby
High top start up boots for small baby.
Boots made with best leather and heel support to prevent pronation.
Profiled soles, best arches boots for a toddler for flat footed baby.
Reinforced heel in the back of the boots to stabilize baby feet and prevent pigeon toe
Leather quality on those boots is soft and well made.
They are adorable boots with pink and silver leather
Ankle support boots, heel support for a toddler.
Every baby is born with flat feet and due to quality boots arch support shows up when they 18-20 months old.
Flat feet are acquired with wearing flat boots as a child since 5% of flat feet is generic.
Meaning flat footed condition is passed in the family genes.
Those type of boots will properly shape your baby's feet and posture.
Proper boots that every baby does wear in Europe.
Fuchsia leather with silver bow and silver tip.
Exact baby boots that are worn by every baby in Europe
Shoes and boots are important for kids to form their feet correctly
European boots are the only ones that are truly supportive. 

High top start up walkers for small baby

High top made with best leather and heel support


Lilly  -  12/12/2019

Best of the best and cute. European made for my baby. Expensive and for a reason - imported and not made in China.

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