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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Lomer Black Smooth

Boots with ankle correction support in kids

High tops with ankle support for boys
Black leather ankle boots for boys with turned in ankles.
Pronation with weak ankles that affects lots of kids.
Pronation is caused by wearing shoes with no ankle support.
So supportive orthopedic shoes are must for every child.
Those black boots are elegant, dressy and perfect for everyday or dress wear.
Heel support is present in them with good orthopedic arches
No flat shoes is ever produced in Europe - none.
Will not sweat in the ever due to special soles.
Closed back and reinforced heel for collapsed feet.
No blisters, smelly feet even in those cool shoes.
Every doctor in Europe suggests such shoes for every child.
None supportive boots manufactured in low cost country they are worst kind
Why since no one measures them there for fit, ankle support, ortho arches.
Leather even used on them has traces of mercury.(all leather that enters USA has mercury on it)
Check USA customs warnings, they caught only one out of 100,000 containers that arrive from China daily.
That is we suggest that you stay away from shoes made in China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam - they are junk at best.
Later you will be investing in doctors visits, orthodics etc.
Orthodics will never restore your kids feet, only create some improvement.
That is why we always buy quality shoes for our kids.

Heel support best ankle boots with good arches

Weak ankles boots for boys


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