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Boys leather black boots for winter, benefit are good formed feet and no orthopedic problems for a child. Waterproof for a child.

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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Lomer Black

Boys boots for winter quality made with black leather

Boys boots for Fall or Winter.
Dressy, sharp and elegant style.
Black smooth leather on them and closes with side velcro.
They could be also worn as daily shoe in a winter.
Child will never sweat in those boots ever since they have antibacterial innersoles
High just above the ankle with with waterproof lining.
Flexible black rubber sole with superior traction.
Flat feet foot forming best since even snow boots for kids made in Europe are orthopedic.
No flat boots with no support is ever produced.
Only orthopedic ones since they form and support kids feet.
Kids in Europe wear only such level boots and end up with well formed feet and good posture.
Even snow boots for a child have to be quality, avoid cheap heavy boots from low cost countries.
They will shot and destroy your kids feet in a long run.
Majority of orthopedic problems in kids are caused by low quality shoes.
Sadly in USA none of the brands sold in any department store are orthopedic nor supportive.
Cost of production on those shoes is so minimal that you will be shocked how cheap they are.
Good shoes, made out of good leather with proper support cost money to produce.
Benefit are good formed feet and no orthopedic problems for a child.
That is how we Europeans think.
Shoes are not just shoes for kids, they are foot forming products so they have to be best quality possible.

Flat feet kids boots for winter with good arches

Black leather dressy boots for a toddler


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