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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Marshal Gray

Buy boys shoes best for wide feet and high instep

Where to buy boys leather shoes that are wide
And of course with good arches and ankle support.
We have the and that is not only model we do offer.

Boys leather footwear wide and high instep footwear with good arches

Long velcros used so they fit well.
Natural leather footwear for boys with overpronation.
Ankle support stable will not fold in the back.
Arches like inflated balls, support is in the ortho sole actually.
That is how modern footwear are manufactured in European Union.
Boys feet grown till about age 15 so it is important that they wear quality footwear only.
Posture, feet and spine is all affected by footwear child wears.
European made footwear are the only ones that truly support boys feet.
Skip on the footwear from China, they are horrible for boys feet.
Cause of all the feet and posture problems are the low quality footwear sold in USA
China is not a shoe maker, they have no clue what orthopedic shoe even
And how to correctly fit them on the average child's foot.
Searching for wide and high instep shoe for your child - search no more.
European footwear are offered in wide to
double wide widths from baby to a teen size.

See it is all about the soles that was used for a given model.
European manufacturer offers wide and high instep footwear in their every collection.
Since every country has children with
wide feet both for boys and girls.
Every foot is different so all the children have to be fitted with best walking footwear. Every
Italian, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Polish, Serbian brand offers boots, shoes, sneakers, sandals perfect for wide feet and high instep, no exceptions!
Stop hurting your
children feet with low quality sneakers that does not fit and cause foot deformation in long term.
Features of wide soles footwear are:
wide width with expanded toe box for a child
longer velcros for closure
comfort in walking
best leather used with no traces of mercury (leather from China has usually traces of mercury)
high arch support
anti-sweat leather innersoles (no smelly feet ever)

Made in Europe out of best leather

Gray leather casual velcro footwear for boys

Natural leather footwear for kids with overpronation


Lacy - Seattle,WA  -  11/05/2021

Cool shoes and well made. My son wore them all the time and they did not even scuffed. I love that brand and I will continue to buy them since they offer the best arch support in any shoes that I see locally and bought in the past on-line.

Debra - Rhode Island  -  28/08/2020

This is second pair of Kornecki shoes because the first one we got year ago held up entire year. My son wore them non-stop daily and they did not fell apart. Those shoes are truly amazing quality and the price is JUST in my opinion. Thank you for such wonderful shoes.

Lydia from Newport Beach  -  27/02/2020

Best shoes that I ever bought for my son! Top quality, leather and excellent arch support! My son likes them a lot and he insists on wearing them everyday.

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