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Brand: Kopecki

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Wide feet house shoes canvas slippers for boys

Canvas orthopedic baby shoes for boys
Perfect cross between a sandal, slipper or tennis shoe.
Could be worn either way in any season - indoor and outdoor.
Boys wear them in Europe as an addition to leather sandal or shoe.
Perfect orthopedic support in those little boys
Notice the back of the sole, it is elevated with supportive packet that keeps the heel perfectly lined.
That is what little feet need - heel support.
Those little boys shoes do not bend in the back, they are not soft at all -
They have proper support and structure in a heel for boys
Profiled soles of course since it is an ortho house shoe for boys.
Boys will never perspire in those as they absorb sweat from the innersole.
They have soles with filtration that capture and release moisture
Modern shoe technology and those walkers just got upgraded in the last 20 years or so.
Closure is a perfect as well.
That little clip let you adjust the support at the heel
The tighter you make them the stable the foot and heel support.
It is a great all year round addition to any shoe you buy.
Kids in Europe wear them indoor in a winter and in the summer outdoor.
It is next thing to barefoot but with proper foot support.

Arched slippers for a toddler

House shoes for toddler with weak ankles


Tatiana from IL - 19/02/2020

Those have been great for my son! Wore them non stop entire 5 months and he still wears them. The did not wore off - true Euro quality. Flexible sole, great support and that clip is a great idea. You can stabilize foot with that so by that they needed support for a child's foot.

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