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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Mewa Blue

Casual blue leather girls shoes with support

Casual blue leather girls shoes with support.
Blue patent leather and decorated with a bow.
Good shoes for kids with flat feet and ankle pronation.
They offer sturdy ankle support and they do not fold in the back
Ankle will stay in a packet when child is walking.
Good arches are present inside those lovely shoes.
Manufactured in Europe with proper ortho standards set by European Ministry of Health.
Quality shoes are a must for every child since their bodies are affected by type of shoes they wear.
Feet carrying entire body and if they are deformed the entire body gait shift and all the body parts are affected.
European Orthopedic Society sees shoes for kids as important factor in their body development so that is why all the producers are regulated.

Supportive best walking shoes for girls

Flat foot best support shoes for kids


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