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Child pigeon toed fix rose snow boots with weak ankles

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Manufacturer Kopecki

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  • Child pigeon toed fix boots with weak ankles.
    Ankle supportive ankle high snow boots with fleece lining.
    Ecological leather outside and fleece inside for warmth.
    They have gortex lining as an extra so the water and snow will not leak.
    Great snow boots for a child with arches present.
    Ortho arches are in the soles since new snow boot technology is set since 1990
    Europe does not produces flat boots - no such thing.
    Boots as footwear form kids feet and provide needed foot support for a child.
    They have to be orthopedic - meaning provide needed support for kids feet.
    Those boots are also very light in weight since they cannot be heavy for a child.
    If child wears heavy rubber boots then her feet will turn inwards and pigeon toes will develop.
    Another factor those boots have sturdy supportive ankles.
    Ankles are elevated at all times and child ankles will not collapse.
    That is exactly problem with UGS boots that kids locally wear - they have no heel support and back of the boot folds taking an ankle with it.
    UGS have no orthopedic arches either and sole is extra wide that flattens the foot and destroys arch support completely.

    Warm snow boots for girls with wool

    They slide easily on foot and close with a double velcro.


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