Shoes for toe walkers boys with supportive heel

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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Hektor Beige

European made orthopedic shoes

Quality shoes that could be worn barefoot


R.C - New Heaven - 12/03/2020

Great shoes with profiled soles and visible arch support. Perfect for my baby's chubby foot. Impossible to find such quality shoes in USA since shoes are truly horrible here. Even kids shoes are not orthopedic - no arches, no leather cheaply made and they have no form nor structure to develop the feet. What I bunch of bull I was told by sales person in Nordstroom that baby needs "soft shoes" what? No wonder every kids has deformed feet from crocks and other garbage they wear all year long. I am German and shoes we wear are quality from young age and no one displays any walking problems because our European shoes are quality and best for small growing feet. Rita from New Heaven.

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