Leather high arch boys sandals from Italy

Boys high arch sandals from Italy, orthopedic with good support. Manufactured in Italy by City Shoe a brand that specializes in orthopedic shoes and sandals for kids of all ages. Their shoes are phenomenal quality, made out of local leathers without usage of harmful chemicals and dyes. All are fitted for children where the sole is measured for average width and length. Orthopedic support is added to the soles and molded into the soles. That way child will walk in supportive shoes at all times and orthopedic foot support will never go flat in those sandals. This is the improved technology from 1990 where the sole is molded and contour to ones foot giving it optimal support. Antibacterial, none sweat soles are added to the shoes as well so no sweaty feet ever in those unique Italian shoes. Many models are also offered in wide width. Brand City Shoe specializes in modern innovative shoes, sandals, sneakers and flip flops for boys. They offer array of colors and styles and are exclusively imported by us to USA. They are part of orthopedic shoe line that we carry because Italian shoes are simply among best shoes offered for children. Good shoes improve kids posture, feet and body gait. We in Europe call them orthopedic shoes and they are designed to form and support kids growing and forming feet. Every child in Italy starts with good supportive shoes and they end with supportive shoes by age 15. After that time their feet and posture is formed to perfection and all orthopedic problems are avoided. That is the point of supportive, orthopedic shoes for kids. They correctly form and support growing and developing feet.

Sandals for boys with wide feet

Orthopedic support flip flops for boys

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