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Flip flops for a child with arches for child from Italy

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Brands City Shoe

Product Code: Clearance

  • Flip flops for a child with arches for child from Italy
  • Hand made in Italy by City Shoe brand.
  • Sandals with orthopedic arches.
  • Beige/yellow smooth leather.
  • Designer style, comfort and look all in one.
  • Best leather used with ortho support.
  • Flip flops with arches present - made in Italy not China.
  • Avoid flip flops made out of rubber with no arch support.
  • Over time they deform kids feet and ankle pronation develops
  • China does not know what quality even is.
  • Cheap products, cheaply made with no construcion nor quality.

Italy stylish sandals with orthopedic arches

Slip on sandals for kids from Italy


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Cindy M from CA 2012-05-31 18:42:38

This flip-flop is a total quality style. They look like for adult but they are made for a kid. My husband even wanted a pair of those. My son wears them everyday and I literally get stopped where did I bought them. I live in California so many kids wear flip-flops here for most of the year. However, those are not cheaply made shoes. They 100% leather, great arch, and quality. Not to mention the style. I love them! I am buying another pair but in olive color.